Our Services

The main priority PT. Berlian Lautan Nusantara is to provide professional services for customers, for that we will strive to create a good working relationship with each customer. PT. Berlian Lautan Nusantara work at the company national and international companies.

The following is a list of services PT. Berlian Lautan Nusantara: Inspection, Testing, Provision of specialist manpower supply for sector;

  1. Energy (Oil, Gas, Geothermal, Mineral, Electric)
  2. Marine
  3. Manufacture
  4. Other

We provide good service and reliability is to the success of the work, we always provide professional workers using advanced equipment and technology.



Instalation – Electric Equipment – Rotating Equipment – Instalation [Rig] – Boiler – Crane – Flatform – Pipeline – Storage Tank – Risk Base Inspection – QA/QC Inspection – Safety Audit – Inspection Welding – Painting Inspection – Coating Inspection – Intelligent Pigging – Material Inspection – Pre-Shipment Inspection – Under Water Inspection – Eddy Current Inspection [ECT/IRIS/MFL/RFT/NFT] – Pipe Integrity Management System – QA for Non Destructive Testing – Manpower Supply Inspector CSWIP, PCN, ASNT, MIGAS.


Non Destructive Testing:
Visual Testing – Liquid Penetrant Testing – Magnetic Particle Testing – Ultrasonic Testing – Radiographic Testing – Electromagnetic Testing – Magnetic Flux Leakage – Acoustic Emission Testing – Thermal Infrared Testing – Vibration Analysis – Laser Testing Method – Neutron Radiographic – Leak Testing – Holiday Testing – Rope Access Service.

Destructive Testing
Tensile Testing – Bending Testing – Charpy Impact Testing – Hardness Testing – Nock Break Testing – Load Testing – Hydrostatic Testing – Pheumatic Testing – Pre/Post Weld Heat Treatment.


Inspection – Testing – QA/QC – Crane Operator – Welder – Fitter – Scaffolder –Rigger – Mechanic – Electric – Painting – Blasting – Other


    We provide professional manpower to our clients through our wor ldwide manpower resource base. A ll personnel ir our custom designed database are pre-screened,thus providing our clients w ith reliable personnel who will perform satisfactory

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    Advantage post weld heat treatment
    Post Weld Heat Treatment Services (PWHT ) is defined as one of heat treatments done after welding machining to improve the mechanical properties of weldment I machined surfaces. In concept, PWHT covers many different potential treatments. However, in steel fabrication most common procedure used is Stress Relieving.

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    There are three types of tests used with accuracy by the metals industry; they are the Brinell hardness test, the Rockwell hardness test, and the Vickers hardness test. Since the definition of metallurgic ultimate strength and hardness are rather similar, it can general be assumed that a strong metal is also a hard metal. The way the three of these hardness tests measure a metal’s hardness is to determine the metal Resistance to the penetration of a non-deformable ball or cone.

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    Our diving services include underwater inspection, underwater Cleaning, CCTV underwater video survey, mooring system installation, underwater video and still photography, search and recovery, hull cleaning, aquaculture diving, media diving, pool cleaning and repair, underwater mapping and light civiI engineering.

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    Our Video-probe is equipped with the latest technology in borescopes. A long fiber-optic cable illuminates the inspection area with light generated by a new state-of the-art lamp in the Light Box. A miniature camera assembly in the viewing tip of the probe then converts the optical image into an electronic image. This image is carried back through the probe cable and displayed in the LCD color monitor. It allows the inspection of surfaces inside narrow tubes or difficult -to-reach chambers.

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  • Concrete Transport

    The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities in order to meet the requirements of a project.

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