About Us


PT. Berlian Lautan Nusantara stands
on the 10th of February 2015 and is located on the island of Batam, Indonesia. Located in a region free trade zone in Indonesia and is only 20 km trip from Singapore countries around the Malacca Strait, the harbor and sea traffic word. With this geographical advantage Batam Industry has grown in to a more dynamic and open, particularly in the field of oil, gas and marine industries sector.

PT. Berlian Lautan Nusantara set as a private limited liability company in the field of Energy, Mineral, Marine Industry and general service. Instrumental in the development of human resources and natural resources, thus increasing national economic growth Indonesia. We work hard to maintain the quality, integrity, intelligence, culture, ethics and competitiveness in charge of all the action.


National company with a global way of
thinking in the right way to ensure the success of our company. The main thing is the target of our company’s successis a strong belief in having a good cooperation based on the recognition and trust.


Into a national company trusted and reliable.


1. Providing services which can provide added value to all stakeholders.
2. Provide services with a professional attitude.

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